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ara shoes for sale

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A Germany family owned company that has been in the shoe business for over six decades. Bringing you the highest quality standards and designers, ara creates traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies. Their commitment to style, fit and quality make ara one of Europe’s favourite footwear producers.

ara shoes are created through an extensive process that combines intensive hand-crafting with up to 130 individual operations. ara owns production facilities in six countries and they make sure no corners are cut! The shoes are tested and reported on a regular basis, using only the highest quality materials.

The fit for ara’s shoes combine German engineering with European style. Each design and fit is created to cushion the foot’s anatomical structure. Features include a wide range of fits and flexible materials to ensure that the shoe adapts well to the foot. For stress-free walking, ara has created their own features such as shock absorption and breathability to help with comfort throughout the day.